The communication gap between undergraduates and mathematics professors, that is, and how exactly I’m gonna go about closing it. Totally.

Wrapping it all up

Hey everyone,

This is my LAST retrospective post. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, I completed the testing sessions, and it was all very successful. Thanks to the help of my assistants, Anna Dausman and Jacob Lassin, everything went off without a hitch, and I now have 84 sets of assessments and questionnaire responses. I graded the assessments with a fellow Mathematics major, Allison Corish, in a 3-hour session, and now the scores are ready to be analyzed.

I also scheduled and held 9 discussion sessions recently, in mid-October. Most of the participants from the testing sessions (57 out of 84) signed up and came to a discussion session, and I delivered people their Cheese Shop orders at these sessions. One thing I did to ensure consistent discussion was to segregate these sessions by module group; this meant that given a certain discussion session, all participants in the session would have experienced the same inter-lesson module. In response to unexpected interest from students about the inner workings of the project, I concluded the discussion sessions with a presentation on methodology, similar to the colloquium presentation (below). I have hours and hours of great data from those sessions.

Now that all of my data is collected, all that’s left is to analyze and write, write, write! Since the “research” portion of my thesis is now over and since this is a “progress of undergraduate research” blog, this will end the bulk of the writing for this blog. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read here!

Check back in a few days for a link to my COMPLETED THESIS!


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